Article Name – Top Application Security Mistakes / Myths
Author – Chetan Soni
Magazine Name – Pentest Magazine | Secure Coding (Make Sure your program is SAFE).
Page No. – 95-98
Volume – Vol.4 No.2
ISSN – 2084-1116
Download Link –


And also thanks to rest of the team who contributed other stuff in this awesome magazine.

Mr. Ashutosh Agrawal and Mr. Bhaumik Shah (Introduction to W3Af Scanner)
Mr. Rohit Patel (Windows 8 Hacking Using Meterpreter via Mozilla Firefox)
Mr. Mirko Raimondi (Local Area Network Attacks with Yersinia)
Mr. Nikoloz Kokhreidze (Vulnerabilities in Industrial Control Systems)
Mr. Vijay Kumar (Why Do SQL Injection Vulnerabilities Occur?)
Mr. John-André Bjǿrkhaug (Fighting Buffer Overflows With Address Space Layout Randomization)
Mr. Luigi Capuzzello (Integrated Malware Analysis)
Mr. Gilad Ofir (Secure Coding in C# .NET)
Mr. Aman Singh (BackTrack Linux: The Ultimate Hacker’s Arsenal)

And Special thanks to Pentest Team for published my article.


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